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Greencastle’s Gifts to Ghana (2007)
Mr. Noel McGinn (School Principal)
Mrs. Marjorie McElroy, Brother Nee and Mr. Noel McGinn
Brother Nee with pupils of Elmina Catholic Boys' Primary School
Mr. Peter McNulty, Brother Nee and Mr. Noel McGinn
On Monday 24th September, 2007 Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School was visited by Brother Nee Wayoe, a friend of our parish priest Fr. Eugene Hasson and a pastoral formator in Ghana. He spoke with the children of our school about education and life in general in Ghana and the pupils were very impressed by the stories he told them.
Brother Nee and Mrs. Lorraine Devlin
We had recently purchased some new reading material and found ourselves with a surplus of older unused books. These books, we felt, could still prove useful to a school such as the one Brother Nee worked with. So we packed the whole lot up and Collette Keenan, our well-organised and capable secretary, researched the Internet to ascertain the most reliable and cost effective method of delivery.
Brother Nee and Mrs. Diane McCann
We sent the packages off on Thursday 1st November, 2007 and because so long a time had elapsed we feared they may have been lost in transit. Fortunately, on the morning of Wednesday 19th February, 2008 we received word that they had successfully arrived and everyone was delighted to see that the books, which had been so useful in our school, would once again become central to the educational lives of children.
Our school has a very proud record of reaching out to help other communities and we are once again delighted to have been able to help in this small way.
Elmina is a fishing village, it was the first place the missionaries came to when arriving in Ghana
Pupils of Elmina Catholic Boys' Primary School reading the donated books
Elmina Catholic Boys' Primary School, one of Brother Nee's cares