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My Confirmation Day (2010)
Reflections from Year 7 pupils at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School
Confirmation was conferred on 12 young parishioners by Bishop Seamus Hegarty on Sunday 18th April at 11.00am in Our Lady of the Wayside Church, Broughderg. You can read their reflections on this important step in their lives below.
On my Confirmation day I got up at 9 o’clock. Then I went to the shower. After that I got my suit on. Next we got in the car and went and lifted my granny and then to the chapel.
The ceremony was long but then we got confirmed. Then we brought up the gives. It was me Conan, Aaron, Megan and Noel that brought up the gifts.
After the ceremony we went to the community centre to get tea and photographs. I got a lovely cup of tea. Then we went in the line to get photographs with the Bishop.
Next we went to The Charm Inn in Carrickmore for dinner. It was really nice and so were the desserts. Then we got to play on the pool table. And we played 5 games.
The funniest moment was when Megan did not know where she was going when we brought the gifts.
Connor Bradley
My Confirmation Day was so fun. It was in Broughderg, and we had Bishop Hegarty. On the day I woke up at 7:30am. I got woke up by the noise of the hair dryer. When I got up I washed my face. I went into my mummy’s room, and she told me to get my breakfast, and get ready. So I got Weetabix, because it was the only cereal in the house, and got ready. I out on all my jewellery and my dress and mummy took pictures of us. She said we looked lovely. After that, we waited hastily for Daddy to come home. He came home and got ready. Then we got tea and toast and then we left for Broughderg chapel at 10:30am. I took my Confirmation book with me to get it signed.
When we arrived, I sat in my seat with Eilish, my sponsor. I was sitting beside Megan. We sat tensely in the front row for the ceremony to start. It started and it went by very quickly. Then it came to the readings, Maeve and Aileen were doing them. It went by and it came to the Laying of the Hands. We all had to stand in a line at the front of the altar and the Bishop lay his hands on our heads and said a silent prayer. He then confirmed us. He asked our sponsors what our Confirmation names were, and then he asked us some questions, and he made the sign of the cross with the oil of chrism on our foreheads. Then we went back to our seats. He then did the prayers of Intercession. Lauryn, Jack, Michaela and I were doing them. After that, it came to the consecration, and then communion, and then the final prayers.
After the ceremony we got a whole pile of photo’s taken, my cheeks got sore. Then we went to Broughderg community centre for tea and coffee. I got the Bishop to sign my Confirmation book, and Fr. Hasson as well. I got a whole pile of people to sign my book actually. Then I got photos with the Bishop. He was quite impatient. He was quite impatient. But we got it done in the end.. After that, we all went to the Foothills, in Gortin. Well only my family of course. When we arrived we weren’t really expecting much. But it was really nice on the inside. Daddy ordered some drinks for everybody. I got a coke. The people told us to go on ahead through to the dining room. We then ordered food. I ordered, for my starter- Soup of the Day, Main Course- Sausages, beans and chips, and Dessert- strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It took a while long time to come out. But it was worth the wait, it was delicious and scrumptious. I had three bottles of coke. After dessert I had a lovely cup of tea. They then took out the cake, it looked lovely. I just wanted a piece of it right there and then. But we had to go home, but some of them went back to their houses. But we still invited everyone down.
Most off them came to our house for the cake and only my godmother went home, but it was only all the same. When we got home everyone made themselves at home. We made tea and cut the cake. It was lovely. For the rest of the day we sat talking and eating cake. As the day went on everyone went home.
My favourite part of the day was the Foothills, because it was so fun and I’d love to go there again. It was the best day ever and I am now filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit… 😊😊😊
Cáoileánn Conway
The 18th Of April 2010 was one of the most important days of my life!
I woke up at 5:25am and couldn’t get back to sleep with all the excitement!
So I turned on my TV and eventually fell asleep during that time. I woke up again at about 6:30am and got up brushed my teeth and washed my face and went downstairs to find that nobody in the house was up only me! So I made myself cereal and I watched TV once more. Mummy came downstairs about ten minutes later and kept me company. After about an hour or two I went to get all dressed for the big day! When I was ready I went into Mummy and daddy’s room to find Matthew and daddy finally awake!
Ryan; My Godfather phoned the night before and told me he’s be over early in the morning. He arrived and had a cup of tea and then we headed of to Broughderg Chapel! I sat beside Caoileann and the Bishop was just in front of us! During the whole Mass we got, Holy Communion, oil of chrism.
Maeve and Aileen said the readings, Jack, Caoileann, Michaela and Lauryn said the prayers of the Faithful and Shauna, Conan, Aaron, Noel Connor and I brought up the gifts! The Bishop was really nice and I enjoyed the ceremony! After the mass we took a class picture with the bishop!
Shortly after that we were invited back to Broughderg hall for tea and snacks and we got the chance to take family pictures and pictures with the Bishop. But sadly I had to leave early because we had booked a table at An Creagan.
Jack booked a table there too so we played about and his cousins Gemma and Claire were there to so I played with them. We played at the park and ran about up in the forest! We got dinner and my cousin Jamie ate my dessert! It came to the end of the day and I was really tired so we went home and it was a really good day and I’m glad I could have it with all of my family and friends there with me!
Megan Conway 😊
On my Confirmation day I woke up at 8:30am and went to the shower, and after that I got my clothes on. Then my sponsor came and was to lift me at 10:15, but I still had to do my hair so that delayed us another 10 minutes. So I got it done and then my sponsor and I where on our way to the chapel.
The ceremony lasted very long actually. I got confirmed about 45 minutes into the mass and after that I brought up the gifts with Conan, Megan, and Noel. Aileen and Maeve said the readings.
I only got two photos of myself but that was because I and my family and friends were late for our dinner in the Greenvale. I didn’t get a picture with the bishop and I was the only one not to.
After that my family and cousins and I went to the Greenvale hotel in Cookstown and it was very nice and I had a really good time.
The funniest moment was when Megan started talking to me in front of every one and didn’t know what to do and when I told her to go down to her seat she ended up going to the wrong row, it was very funny =o) Overall I had a brilliant day, one of the best days of my life, I was very happy.
Aaron Donnelly
Getting ready
The day before my confirmation me and my family went into Omagh to get my dad’s suit dry cleaned. My mum and I went to this place to get my nails done and I got them painted pink with white flowers, they looked great and I was so happy. I then went with my mum to get my hair done.
In the morning
In the morning I had to get my breakfast and then get changed in to my skirt and top. I was very happy with it I looked perfect. My auntie came over to take some pictures of me and my family.
In the church
When I arrived at the chapel my sponsor wasn’t there. So I had to wait at the back of the church until she came. Luckily she came just after me so we went up to our seat together. The Bishop, Fr Hasson and Fr Bradley came up the isle to the front of the church. Soon it was time for the readings which my friends Aileen and Maeve read. Then it came to the Laying of the Hands. My sponsor had to put her hand on my shoulder and the Bishop came around and blessed me. Then he came around again and my sponsor had to say my confirmation name .It soon came to the prayers of the faithful and my friends Caoileann, Jack and Michaela read them along with me. Caoileann was up first, and then it was me. I was very excited, Jack was next and finally it was Michaela. People from my class also brought up the gifts there was Megan, Shauna, Connor, Aaron, Conan and Noel.
When the mass was over we stayed in the church to take pictures on the altar.
In Broughderg hall
I went back to Broughderg hall to get the Bishop to sign my confirmation book. He did and he looked at it and said it was great.
In the Silver birches
I had my confirmation dinner in the Silver birches hotel and we came in and they vrought ts to our table. My two Grannies and Granddad were there. My three aunties and my two uncles were there also. My cousins were also there. One was seven and one was three. For my dinner I had turkey and ham and it was delicious. After, my cousins, my brother and I played.
It was a great day.
Lauryn Hollywood
On the 18th of April 2010 it was the day of my Confirmation.
I woke up at eight o’clock I got a bit of breakfast and then I watched TV. At half past eight I got dressed and woke up my mummy. When it came to nine o’clock I went down to the hair dressers to get my hair done, I got my hair curled. When the hairdresser had finished with my hair it was ten past ten but then my mummy had to get her hair done. It was another five minutes so we didn’t get up to the house until quarter past ten. We were in a really big rush so much that we didn’t any time to pay the hairdresser. When I arrived up to my house my sponsor was already there.
Then I had to get my dress on. It was hard to get my dress on because I didn’t want to get my hair a mess then I had to get lots of hair spray in my hair because if I didn’t it would fall out. After that I had to help my mummy get ready to she had to get her make-up on and her dress on and then I nearly for got to put my jewellery on. When we were going to the chapel I for got my Confirmation books. We had to go back to the house so we didn’t leave the house until twenty five past ten.
When we got to the chapel it was half past ten. My Godmother and I had to sit together away from our family. We had to sit in the second row. First we had the readings. Maeve was reading the first reading and Aileen did the second reading. For the psalm, the choir sang it and Bishop Seamus Hegarty said the Gospel. Later in the mass Bishop Hegarty said a few words about getting the Holy Spirit at Confirmation. Then he asked Father Hasson to call out all the names that were making their Confirmation to stand up. The Bishop said he would say a few words and we would say I do in reply. After that we had the Laying of the hands and he put his hands on our head and said a little prayer. Then he called up all of are sponsors to come up behind us they had to put their right hand on our right shoulder and make the sign of the cross with the oil . My sponsor had to say my Confirmation name which is Bernadette. Then it came to the prayers of the faithful. I was doing one of the prayers of the faithful. After the prayers of the faithful was the gifts and after the gifts was the Holy Communion and then the Bishop said a few words. At the end of mass all the p.7 pupils had to go up to the altar to get pictures.
After, we went back to the community centre to get some tea and biscuits and to get the Bishop to sign our books. When we got there we got tea and biscuits then we went to the Bishop to get our books signed. I was around the last one to get it signed. Then we were going to get pictures taken, we got four pictures altogether. One with my family and one with my godmother one on my own and one with my granny.
Then we went back to the house and I got a big party all for me and lots of food and lots of sweet things. I got lots of money about £150 and I still have more to get.
Something really happened in the middle of the chapel Megan turned around twice and then went into the wrong row so it was funny.
I had lots of fun on Sunday.
Michaela McBride
I woke up at 8 o’clock on 18th April 2010 and had a shower, changed into tracksuit bottoms and had breakfast. I woke my Auntie up around 9o’clock. She dried my hair and did it up. Mummy gave me three cards one from mummy and daddy, Edward and one from Plunkett. Then my sponsor came and gave me a Pandora bracelet then we went to the chapel.
We were the first people in the church then other people started coming and the mass started. Aileen and I read the readings, and then we got confirmed. The bishop put the sign of the cross on my head with the oil of chrism. The prayers of the Faithful came next. The readers were Caoileann, Lauryn, Jack and Michaela. Megan, Shauna, Aaron, Conan, Connor and Noel brought the gifts to the altar. After that it was communion and then the final blessing.
At the community centre I got crisps and juice. The bishop signed my book and flicked through it. When that was all done we went down stairs and got a picture taken with the bishop.
Nearly everyone was at the house now except for one of my uncles and auntie and their daughter and boyfriend. We had soup first then lasagne. Mum did a bit of washing of the dishes and daddy asked me if I wanted to play table tennis in the house out the back. I said ok and we headed up the back and I opened the door and there was a baby LAMB. I hugged daddy and said thank you a million times. When we went back to the house dessert was ready. They were yummy. After that a lot of people went home. We got to open some chocolates (yum). When everyone went home me and daddy went out and feed the lamb. By this time I was absolutely wrecked so I went to bed thinking that this was one amazing day.
Maeve McCullagh
On my Confirmation day I woke up at 7:30am and I got my breakfast. My mum ordered a bouncy castle the day before it came at 8:00 in the morning. I played on the bouncy castle until 9:00 then I went to the shower for 15 minutes after that I brushed my teeth and cleaned my hands. We waited for grand-dad to come back with the car. We waited for my Sponsor to come. When he came we all went into the chapel, my Sponsor did not know what to do so I told him to follow me and do what the other sponsors did. We sat beside all the other P.7s and their sponsors. So we waited for the bishop to come. When the bishop came and the mass started. Altar-servers came first, father Bradley second, after that was the bishop and finaly Father Hasson. They all walked on to the altar. The Bishop sat down Father Hasson said a couple of words about us and having the Bishop in Greencastle. After that Maeve and Aileen had to read some readings. The choir sung a song then we were confirmed by the Bishop. Jack, Lauryn, Michaela and Cáoileánn read the Prayers of the faithful. After that I, Connor, Aaron, Megan and Shauna went up with the gifts. The Bishop said a few words. After about 10 minutes the mass was over and we went to the Community Centre. We had tea biscuits and crisps. After that we went to the Greenvale in Cookstown and got our dinner. It was really nice and so was the dessert. When we went home we all played on the bouncy castle.
Noel McKenna
The Day before my confirmation I went into Omagh to get my trousers taken up because the last time the sewer had left one leg longer than the other. After three hours the trousers were ready. That night we were doing up my Granny’s bar and Lounge for the next day.
When we got to the chapel we sat in the seats that were reserved for us. About forty five minutes later we were confirmed by the Bishop. He made a cross on our forehead with oil and our sponsors put their right hand on our right shoulder and then He/She would say what our confirmation names were.
In the Community centre I went up the stairs and when I got up I went over to my family at a table. Five minutes later I got the Bishop to sign my Confirmation book. Then I went up to a table where there was crisps and juice. I went back down to my family. After sometime I went down the stairs to get a photograph taken. There was a very long queue waiting for a picture. We got a family one first and then I got one of me and my own with the Bishop.
After that we went back to my Granny’s bar and there was a bouncy castle there. When we got back I had to get pictures taken with my aunties and parents. We were taking them for about a half an hour. When I got into the house I got changed and went on the bouncy castle. My cousins were there and it was good Craic!
Conan Maguire
On the 18th of April 2010 it was my Confirmation day. I woke up on Sunday at 8 o’ clock. I had to go for a shower because my hair was all greasy. When I came out, I blow-dried my hair and mummy straightened it. Next I went up stairs to get my outfit on; I have been looking forward to this day for ages. I couldn’t wait to wear my outfit to Mass.
The ceremony was around 2 hours long. Maeve and Aileen re.ad the first reading and the second readings. Caoileann, Michaela, Jack and Lauryn said the Prayers of the Faithful. Megan, Conan, Aaron, Noel, Connor and I brought up the gifts. When we where going up to the altar Aileen stood on the back of my shoe and it fell off. I had to walk back to get it. Everyone was looking at me it was so embarrassing. At the end of the Mass the Bishop was walking down the aisle the Bishop stopped to talk to my little brother Ciaran he said “I bet you thought that was a long ceremony” and let a big wink out of him. When the Bishop and the Priest and the altar servers left all the P.7 class had to get like lots of pictures.
After Mass we went to have tea at the Broughderg community hall. When I went into the hall I got juice, crisps and biscuits. Then we had to line up to get our books signed by the Bishop.
Shauna Morris
On my Confirmation day I woke up at 8 am. I lay in bed till about quarter past 8 then I got up and watched TV until about quarter to nine. Then I got changed. When my mummy got back form the shop we went out to take pictures. At quarter to ten I watched TV. Then at ten I got into the car. We did not leave to house till quarter past ten. When we got to the chapel my sponsor Nuala was already there with my two aunties Maria and Olivia who gave me lots of cards.
   We went into the chapel. Nuala and I sat beside each other. The mass started about twenty minutes later. The Bishop said the first part of mass. My friend Maeve Mc Cullagh said the first reading and I said the second reading. The Bishop said the gospel .After the that the Bishop talked a little. When he finished he took us up to get the Sacrament of Confirmation. I stood in a line across the altar. My sponsor Nuala put her hand on my right shoulder. When it was my turn Nuala told the Bishop my Confirmation name. The Bishop said “Martha be sealed with the gift of the holy spirit” he put the oil of chrism on my forehead. I said “Amen” he said “peace be with you” I said “and also with you.” We sat down. Caoileann Conway, Michaela Mc Bride, Lauryn Hollywood and Jack Tuohy said the prayers of the faithful, they were very good. Then the gifts were brought up by Megan Conway, Shauna Morris, Noel Mc Kenna, Connor Bradley, Aaron Donnelly and Conan Mc Maguire. The Bishop said some more words and the mass was over. We had to stand on the altar and take pictures.
   After the mass we went to the Community Centre to get some tea and juice. When we got there my Granny, Granddad, sponsor and my great auntie were having tea. I got a drink of juice and a packet of crisps. When the Bishop came to the hall I asked him to sign my book. He told me that my reading was very good. When I went back to the table Fr Hasson said that my reading was very good and that I should be proud of it. Nuala and I went down stairs to get our picture taken. We got our picture taken and then we left to go to Corrick House Hotel.
   We got to Corrick House about thirty minutes later. I had a lovely dinner.
The happiest moment I had was getting the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Aileen Tracey
I woke up in my room got out of bed. I ate some breakfast and then I put on my suit and went to the chapel.
When we got to the chapel we saw the Bishop. We sat down and then in an hour it was all over.
Everyone went to the community centre after that. We got tea and biscuits and the Bishop signed my book then I got my photograph taken. After that I went to Creagan for some food. Ceiran, Matt, and Jamie played football outside with me. Then we went to the play park. After that I went to the shop and got a mars ice cream then I walked back to the park in Creagan and went inside. The funniest time was when I was to get up to read a Prayer of the Faithful and I forgot to get up. Mrs. Mc Cann had to nudge me.
The happiest bit was when I played football up at Creggan
Jack Tuohey
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