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Greencastle Pioneer Total Abstinence Association
Greencastle Pioneer Total Abstinence Association meets on the first Friday of every month in St. Patrick’s Church to reflect on how we can promote the virtue of abstinence in our faith community and in the wider society where we live.
The pioneer association has a unique place in our church and country’s history, offering a lifestyle alternative to the alcohol and drug addictions many people suffer in today’s world.
As members of the Greencastle PTAA we aim to renew the Association locally in the face of today’s challenges.
We welcome anyone interested in our principals and ideals.
Our annual events include a dinner dance in April and October to help us raise funds to support our promo work. You can view photos of October 2009’s annual dance here.
Further information can be obtained from:-
Maria Bradley
Francis McLaughlin
Vice Chair
Alice Keenan
Anne McDermott
Broughderg treasurer