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Marriage Records
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Over the past 25 years 36 couples have committed their lives to each other in the Sacrament of Marriage in this Church. Today we celebrate their fidelity, love and commitment a sign to us of God’s fidelity, love and commitment.

As a parish faith-community we also express our support and solidarity with couples who have experience the sadness of loss through bereavement or through the pain of marriage breakdown.

Fergal and Colette Keenan
Fergal Keenan and Colette Morris
Saturday 19th October
Peter Kelly and Brigid McGurk
Saturday 9th August
Columb McKenna and Mary Hollywood
Friday 22nd August
Michael McBride and Carmel Coyle
Friday 5th September
Patrick and Caitriona McNulty
Patrick McNulty and Catriona McKenna

Saturday 6th September
Martin McNamee and Eithne McGarvey
Saturday 14th February
Peter Conway and Fiona Coyle
Saturday 4th April
Patrick Hagney and Caroline McCrory
Friday 8th May
Martin McNamee and Brigid McKee
Wednesday 5th August
Bernard Gillen and Anna Marie Lennon
Wednesday 12th August
Ciaran Daly and Noelle Bradley
Saturday 15th August
Thomas Blee and Joan Morris
Saturday 22nd August
Patrick and Mary McBride
Patrick McBride and Mary Daly
Saturday 29th August
Charles Bradley and Mary Heagney
Saturday 10th October
Francis Lafferty and Mary O'Brien
Saturday 23rd April
Aiden and Anna Rose Smyth
Aiden Smyth and Anna Rose Fox

The Final Wedding Officiated by Fr. Seamus Shields
29th April
Michael McBride and Brigid Tuohey
Friday 17th June
Franciscus Jongerius and Caroline McKernan
Saturday 6th August
Shaun Francis Blaney and Veronica Coyle
Friday 28th December

Sean McNamee and Brigid Daly

Saturday 20th July

Mark and Martina McBride
Mark McBride and Martina Daly

Saturday 15th July
Michael Gallen and Catherine Morris
Monday 11th August
William Mitchell and Carmel Devlin
Saturday 27th June
Peter and Bridget Daly
Peter Daly and Bridget Martyn

Wednesday 28th August
Peter McLaughlin and Una Morris
Saturday 22nd July
Jason Sawyers and Donna McAleer
Saturday 14th June
Tom McDermott and Anne Coyle
Monday 18th August
Michael and Cairine Gormley
Michael Gormley and Cairine Clarke

Saturday 17th July
Gareth McNamee and Geraldine McCrory
Monday 4th September
Damien Corcoran and Leanne McAleer
Saturday 5th May
Ciaran and Maeve O'Kane
Ciaran O'Kane and Maeve Clarke
Friday 13th July
Brendan McCullagh and Vera Gilmore
Saturday 25th October
John and Cora Fox
John Fox and Cora Teague

Saturday 26th June
Brendan and Roisin O'Kane
Brendan O'Kane and Roisin Warnock
Saturday 25th September

Every effort has been made to ensure the inclusion of everyone married at Our Lady of the Wayside Church
but if anyone has been missed or if there are any other inaccuracies in the information above